Information Design that explains and Branding that inspires.


Logos, Branding & Websites

Branding High Wycombe Buckinghamshire

Great branding comes from a great strategy and we take the time to listen and understand the essence of your business. A fresh brand can inspire your audience, change consumer behaviour and enhance perceptions.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Oxfordshire

Motion graphics work brilliantly with promotional video as they communicate complex ideas succinctly with high levels of engagement from your viewers.     We have all the tools, the creativity and the skills to deliver compelling sequences that entertain and excite your audience.

Infographics are a superb storytelling medium for social media. We explain your message with skilfully crafted images that stimulate viewers and help them retain information. 

3D Modelling & Animation

3D Animation & Graphics High Wycombe Buckinghamshire

Sometimes 3D animations and simulations are the preferred approach. Imagework Media has all the major 3D software tools, so wether it be medical, technical or a dynamic logo journey we have it covered.