Imagework Media provides a script to screen solution for your promotional video needs.



Imagework Media has the very latest in 4K camera technology at our disposal for super definition cinematography. Combining this with our full array of lighting solutions we are able to ensure every shot shows off your business to it's full potential.



Script Development

A great script is the heart of any production and for larger projects is essential. Using the latest storyboarding software we are able to give clients a feel of how their video will look before the cameras start rolling.

Video Editing

A fast and flexible editing system is essential when working with large amounts of video and audio files. Imagework Media has four workstations at our disposal using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. We are able to colour correct large amounts of footage or apply a cinematic colour grade to your production if required.


Sound Design


Depending on a production's requirements, some form of audio treatment will be required. This can be used to evoke emotions, reflect mood or underscore actions. This can be in the form of an edited voice over, music and also sound effects.



Imagework Media has an extensive range of 2D & 3D graphics and animation software with experience to match. We are able to create a wide range of solutions from animated logos to a fully animated business infographic.

Special FX

Certain projects will require that special something to make them stand out. We have the ability to film green screen and superimpose backgrounds to your footage, all manner of effects can be added from fire or smoke to light rays or sparkles, the possibilities are endless.