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Digital Design

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A great script is the heart of the production. Once we have an understanding of your requirements we'll come up with a treatment for approval. We also have the ability to digitally storyboard which can be useful on larger projects.                                 


Creative Video

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Lighting is an essential part of the creative video production workflow. Your staff and products need to look their best to maximise the impact with viewers. Imagework Media has all the necessary equipment to ensure they are shown in their best light!

Logos & Branding

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Imagework Media has the very latest in 4K camera technology at our disposal for super definition cinematography. We can also use this technology to provide us with a mixture of both slow motion and standard speed video at HD resolution depending on requirements.


Photography & Filming

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Depending on a production's requirements, some form of audio treatment will be required. This can be used to evoke emotions, reflect mood or underscore actions. This can be in the form of an edited voice over, music and also sound effects.


Print Design

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We have facilities to edit in both 4K and HD and have 3 editing systems at our disposal. Cinematic colour grading and colour correction are standard allowing us to create a certain mood or feel through colour hues.                                                                  


3D Explainers

Creative graphics and text are an essential part of any promotional video. We have an extensive range of 2D & 3D graphics and animation software with experience to match. Special effects including chroma key techniques can be employed to give your video that extra polish when required.